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my living room needs your help please

Alice Edwards
2 years ago

Have tried and tried but to no avail not happening. I have items i like, as you’ll see i’m pretty low budget on my furniture but it’s all i have and just can’t get it right! The first pic is an old metal stand i want to use in living room and had painted, but going to re paint ( what color?) and i’m sure besides curtain issues, what can i do? Please help me. I’ll show pics of diff angles, stairs are at entrance, they were all dark brown and i painted the rails and steps white to match trim, hoping to brighten room. Walls are tumbleweed. Have tried to add some red that’s in the area rug to incorporate that funky red lamp i love and some pops of yellow and orange to try to brighten up my navy love seat. Pillows came with love seat, but may re cover (they are dark blue, lol) Almost painted rattan chair but could not go back if didn’t work out. Should i paint the rest of the stairs? Where am i going, please help HOUZZERS. Sail boat art i picked up for above king size bed but might go in living room? Not the theme but colors might go? Ornate mirrors on either side of window with window unit, found two and can paint mirror frames? Pics i have now are old flower paintings i found in this old attic when we moved in, painted the frames to match dark original hardwood, but new frame color? I love flowers! Window unit eye sore, behind blue chair is gas heater so pretty limited in arrangement, unfortunately.

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