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New old house - keep it "old" or make it more modern?

Laura C
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

What should we keep? What should we change? What do you recommend for the overall style?

The house was built by prior owners in 1997, but was designed to look like a 19th century greek revival plantation house that they visited in Mississippi. We love some of the "old" features, but we recognize some features are very '90's. It is in an older acreage neighborhood that has a casual, country feel.

Some things we want to keep are: dining room floral wallpaper, fireplace mantle, pine flooring (even though the soft wood drives me crazy), white cabinets.

Some things we want to change are: all lights, kitchen counters and backsplash, color of the red antique door and exterior doors (maybe a shade of blue?). Looking for all suggestions now, and while we are on a budget, we are willing to change pretty much anything if it makes sense/adds value.

What style should we go for? Any sample pictures? I found a "modern French country" house that I really like and it seems easy to copy, but not sure if too modern. Also, not sure how to make that style work with the dining room wallpaper, which we want to keep. I like a more elegant/traditional farmhouse style too, but it seems too complicated to implement (busy mom of infant twins and toddler over here). Thank you for input!

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