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LVP/SPC flooring, can't seem to find expertise

Dustin Ryan
4 years ago

Hey guys, I am new to this forum but need some help on choosing flooring for our home. Our house is a little over 6k sq ft in a higher end neighborhood and we are finally finishing our basement and I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find the right flooring. I was told not to do real hardwood since we are also building a pool and figured people walking in wet will be an issue and that makes sense. My neighboors ended up using a wood tile which is really nice looking but also very cold which wasn't the greatest feature. So we were pushed towards LVP or what I guess is the more recent SPC (stone polymer core). But no matter who I ask no one seems to give consistent answers on the which brands have the absolute highest quality product.

Biggest for me is feel, sound deadening, I want it to look the most realistic and feel that way and I am willing to pay more to achieve that. I found a product I really liked in Lifeproof pro walton oak ( but after digging deeper this is only a 6 mil product and I have seen others as high as 12 mil so this scared me, just seemed thinner. I did like that it had random width planks and great color variation though.

Another one that seemed like a good brand but I can't find ANYTHING on is ThermaCore RC from Norwood Hill, which is a 12 mil SPC. Another contractor recommended AduraMax Apex which is also a 12 mil.

So to summarize, looking for flooring that feels the most realistic. Secondary would of course be color and I can't find anything that matches the Walton Oak above and doesn't have a bevel.

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