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Backsplash Behind Range

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi all, I want to replace my current freestanding gas range with a slide-in gas range with a double oven. My kitchen has 4" granite backsplash, but it is not behind the range. I'm looking for some suggestions, ideas, and photos to help me decide what to do:

1) Keep everything the same and just replace the range (there would be a gap of missing 4" granite backsplash behind the range and only paint on the wall behind it).

2) Install tile backsplash only behind the new range and keep everything else the same.

3) Install tile backsplash behind the range and above all of the existing 4" granite backsplash (I personally do not like the look of this but could maybe be convinced with some photos from others where it looks nice).

4) Take out the current 4" granite backsplash and install tile backsplash everywhere (most expensive option but I think it would look the best).

5) Any other options??

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