Your advice- awning and exterior help

2 years ago

I'd love your input!

This is a working farm in the upper midwest and the front door is almost never used, sometimes we use it to get mail but not much else. We just cleared some antique tractor lawn ornaments, fallen tree tops and a not quite symmetrical dwarf spruce so it IS better! I'll add nice plants. The vinyl siding has to stay (blech), and windows are not getting replaced anytime soon. Someday we'll remove a blue spruce but they do help block north winds. We have a very nice medium bronze standing seam metal roof that's hard to see in these photos.

The front door goes out of the KT/DR so we would pop outside to drink our tea, eat, and chat with strolling neighbors if we had a spot to park ourselves BUT we don't want to construct or maintain a deck. Also, we think the nicest thing on the exterior of our house is the fieldstone foundation so wouldn't want to block that. A full length front porch would be nice but not warranted here.

We need:

overhang/awning above door

nice trim around door

railing for stairs

new/appropriately installed light fixture

low maintenance

low budget

We like:

remove toxic yew(s)

place to sit

large steppers between the stairs and the mulch/plantings between the spruces (mow over)

simple lines, natural materials

improve the look of stairs without replacing them (milkpaint? concrete stain?)

We burn wood...maybe there's a wood storage idea?

Ideas? Thanks!

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