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Ugh. I need a new couch in my family room and most likely can't afford to change any of the other furniture. I'm stuck in the cycle of only being able to replace one piece of furniture at a time, where you end up not getting exactly what you want each time because you have to make sure it goes with what you already have. The end result is a room full of furniture that technically matches, but isn't anything that i love and looks sort of hodge podge. Additionally, I think in the past I've bought pieces that are too big, should have maybe looked for items with a smaller footprint to avoid crowding the room. Could use some help.

The room is heavy on brown and beige. I've been trying to introduce some gray and blue recently. Ideally I'd like a couch in a light solid neutral that I can update seasonally with different pillows and throws My ideal color scheme would be gray neutrals with Navy accents and pops of color that would be changed seasonally. Not sure if or how i can make this work with the other furniture I already have.

Here are my questions. Having trouble posting photos, will try to add them in comments


1. If the only thing I can do is change the couch, what color do your recommend? Can I go with a lighter tone or will it look out of place with the rest of furniture?

2. If I can find the money to replace more than one item, which would be the next thing you replace? Color suggestion?

3. If I was able to replace all of the furniture (one can dream), is there a different room layout you'd recommend? Note, changing the TV location is not an option.

4. Anybody have experience with Maidenhome or Joybird?

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