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Weird storage issue -- displaying coffee mugs

4 years ago

True confession. I have a large collection of Starbucks "location" mugs. Since it's now just DH and me living at home full time, we only use maybe 4 cups max in a day. In our new kitchen, I'll store several mugs in a regular dish cabinet, but for the rest of my mugs, I thought I'd display them on a shelf in our new glass cabinet.

I am trying to think of a "tier" type display -- like the tiered shelves for spices? But the mugs are too big for those. I guess I could just get a 2" x 4" and paint it, and put the back row of mugs up on that, with a row in front of it. But just trying to think of other ideas. Anyone?

The cabinet will be 30" wide, 12" deep. I probably have about 20 mugs that will be displayed.

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