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Bellies found in pipes under the foundation

3 years ago

Recently we've noticed large cracks appearing on the tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. We've also noticed baseboards separating from the walls as well as very large cracks on the walls. Right around the same time, we started having plumbing issues. The bottom of the toilet was flowing with water and shower was also backed up. We can now hear gurgling coming from the kitchen sink. We've had a plumber come out and he said we have bellies in 3 different areas. When he came inside, he was shocked at the width and length of the cracks. He said one belly is in the same area as all the cracks. Does anyone know if it's possible the bellies caused the foundation to shift or vice versa? I put in a claim to our insurance, but they are saying it will only be covered if 1 caused the other. Please help! Thanks!

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