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Bad Kitchen Tile Install?

Mary Najjar
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello Everyone!

Recently had our kitchen tiled. Was quoted a 2 day turnaround and now going on 3 weeks (fixes one problem only to cause another). Originally a lot of tiles were moving, so he had to replace a bunch and now our grout (which was supposed to be charcoal) is 2 different colors (between white and charcoal). I'm not sure if we are being too picky or unreasonable, so will upload some photos and list out the issues.

1) Grout 2 different colors

2) Tiles were supposed to be staggered 50/50. It's hard to see on the angle of this photo, but this staggering was obviously not measured correctly. Some of the tiles are off by about 1/8-1/4inch, so when you look at the lines straight on, it is not a straight line, but jumps back and forth (can kind of see on first photo).

3) Two chips in tile were left behind (can see one in first photo, bottom left of image)

4) Many of the grout lines are different sizes (he didn't use spaces when redoing some tiles the 2nd and 3rd times), which caused this. The 3rd photo is before grout, but you can see three different size grout lines on those tiles alone. This happens many places throughout the floor.

5) No photos, but around some of the cabinets, tile was clearly measured/cut wrong because the grout lines are almost double the size of everywhere else because the tile was not cut close enough to the cabinet and he tried to hide it with extra grout. Perhaps it is not possible to do those cuts around base cabinets though - I am no expert in tile laying/cutting!

6) All garbage has been left in our yard and grout is all over the bottoms of our brand new cabinets - I can clean all of this up, but it seems unprofessional and just annoying.

Does this look bad to you? I am tempted to ask for our money back at this point and have someone do this correctly, but am unsure if this is an unreasonable demand. Thanks :)

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