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Fragrance of Antique Roses vs Modern Roses

3 years ago

Long ago I read a book on roses (that was written years prior to my reading, so an old book) that unabashedly said there is no modern rose whose fragrance can compare to the fragrance of antique roses, both in beauty and intensity. By the end of the book I was left with the feeling that it is sacrilege to even think a modern rose can have fragrance like a OGR.

Well I took the message to heart, and set out to garden with several OGRs that are known to be particularly fragrant. And a few modern roses that someone recommended to me as very fragrant.

was overwhelmed by the fragrance of the OGRs. And their flowing, unmeasured beauty. I could not move away from these roses or I would keep running back to my garden to smell them. The modern roses were just OK. Could not get excited by the few that I had.

This winter I ordered a very large number of modern roses after reading comments here about their extraordinary fragrance, without ever having smelled them. The only group of modern roses I have not ordered from yet are the David Austins. There certainly are a lot more adjectives describing the scent of modern roses...litchis, myrhh, clove apple....I certainly hope they give me joy.

Please comment what your feelings are about what characterizes the fragrance of modern vs OGRs. I understand that in many peoples minds there may not even be such a division. I also understand that this is a completely subjective point of view and that is what I would like to know.

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