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Do we chop off the bar?

Boston Automations
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We're replacing Madura Gold granite countertops with Montclair Danby honed marble and can't decide if we remove the bar height edge around the counter.

  • The kitchen gets very little natural light at any point in the day, so we want to brighten things up.
  • A fabricator friend is providing three slabs (62 sq. ft. each) as a housewarming gift
  • We understand the "challenges" of having marble in the kitchen
  • We have a cabinet person who will trim the backside of the cabinets and move the electricity
  • Painting the cabinets is on the table if they don't look good with marble

PRO: Keeping the bar height edge:

1. Make it easier to hang out and stand at the counter

2. Place apps and drinks during a gathering

3. Block the items that hang around the sink (soap, brushes, drying rack, etc.)

CON: Keeping the bar height edge:

1. Lose the beauty of a single large piece of marble countertop

2. The kitchen is more closed off

3. People usually prefer sitting at counter height chairs vs. bar height

I have no experience doing any sort of renovation like this and also no design experience to know what works better, looks better and is most practical. My wife and I would appreciate suggestions.

P.S. The marble has already been purchased, so we're not going back :-)

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