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Help to combine LED downlight + pendant between skylights

4 years ago


We have a long rectangular room (26 x 10ft), in which we have two skylights (aligning with a window on one side and the center of a stackable door on the other). The distance between the skylights is about 8 feet and the distance on either side of the skylight to the wall is 2.5ft.

Can you please help with combining appropriate lights? We were thinking of putting a large pendant (we do not like large crystal type chandeliers) in the middle between the skylights and a few LED downlights running the length of the room. If we center the LED downlights between the wall and skylight it will be 1.75ft from the wall - how far would you run this? We can probably also align it with the edge of the skylight (2.5ft from the wall) and add the skylights in the 8 feet between the skylights? How can the layout be optimized?

Can you please help with the lights layout and type as we are struggling quite a bit. The style of the estate and home is Mediterranean. Please, see the attached photo for further clarification on distances, etc.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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