Dictators believe . . . . . . . . . . .


they can do anything they want. That they are above any law. That they can use the people's tax dollars to line their pockets. That they can use their power to get other less powerful countries to do what they want. That they don't have to defend allies. That they can line their pockets with other countries dignitaries dollars. Only what they say is the truth. Anyone who speaks out against them is a traitor.

We may not be calling trump a dictator, but he sure is acting like one.

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Have you watched The Dictator's Playbook on PBS? You'll see signs of Trumpism among the past dictators.

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terezosa / terriks

If it walks like a duck...

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Iris GW

History will judge him a dictator-wannabe. Unfortunately, he isn't even very good at that.

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