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Fall Harvest seed swap

mcc371- Tammy M.
2 years ago

i have so many great seeds from this year and getting more each day from other swappers and course some I bought when on sale. i want to do a huge seed swap!

lets say no more than 10 of the same kind. But you can send in as many packets of seed as you want.

Nov. 8th is the cut off day please have seeds in by then. Gives you a month so get packing.

please state if you want flowers,veggies, or any variety.
Please include enough postage to get your pkg sent back to you.

i love stuffing envelopes with extra seeds. ( our new yr swaps are always sent back with lots more than what you sent in) this will be no different.

the more swappers the better the more seeds the better.

im in the mood to do a huge swap!!!

All types of seed welcome. 2017 or newer.

PM me your address.

Questions ??? Ask please!

Happy Fall y’all !!

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