Advice please re: master bed/bath/closet layout

last year

Hellooo! I’m so excited to get feedback on this! We are planning a complete cut of our 1981 master bath with some layout changes. We are doing it ourselves (mostly); husband is in construction and we’ve done a lot of renovations over the years (I’m kinda over it though!!).

So, our bathroom is definitely not ‘master’.. it’s a long narrow space: 18x5’. I’m attaching the current layout plus proposed option and a few pics. I thought about taking 2-2.5’ from the office but actually realize now we don’t have to..yay! Instead we will replace the 8’ window with a smaller one (6’) in the corner. This will allow us to change our bedroom layout which means we can move the bathroom entry so we have more room for the closet.

Would love thoughts/advice re: anything in the layout. Bathroom, closet, bedroom, etc... Any ideas would be appreciated! Many thanks in advance!!

Note: I posted a different post earlier today but forgot to tag ‘closets’ and can’t seem to edit, so reposting. Thanks!

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