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Maytag Bravos XL Washer 835DW...Looks Like I Made a Bad Choice

3 years ago

Won't be delivered till Friday but I may cancel it. I'm not reading anything positive about this machine. Can you add water to it? Can you choose your load size? On my Whirlpool Cabrio I know what load size to choose to make sure there is enough water (for my liking). It's not a HE machine. This will be my first HE and frankly, I'm not looking forward to it. I shopped for this washer on Friday but felt so bad I'm not sure I remember ANYthing about it :( But one of my biggest "must haves" was one I could add water to (and not with a garden hose or bucket of water that I've read some do). By the time I enlarge a picture of the control panel enough to see the options, it's too fuzzy. If you have this washer, can you add water to a load?

And what about good clothes you don't put in the dryer, rather hang to dry? Are wrinkles so set in that they don't fall out as they hang to dry? I've read so much about HE machines, I think I'd rather try fixing my old washing machine :o

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