Tiling a corner shower shelf?

Mittens Cat
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Please educate me on what I should know when considering a corner shower shelf, particularly re what it takes to tile it.

Is it more difficult to tile than a standard rectangular niche? And would it be possible to tile it with thick handmade tile or is that asking for trouble? (My kid hopes to have a touch of Seneca handmade tile in his shower to match the Seneca Sea Glass he's doing for his vanity backsplash/wall. The rest of the shower will be in simple 12x24 white rectified tile.)

My GC wanted my "niche or shelf" decisions weeks ago... I hadn't really considered a corner shelf like this, but now it seems a good strategy for both shampoo storage and leg shaving (and at least some bit of stability if one needed to sit down in a hurry--we are small people, so this size would be OK in a pinch). p.s. we're thinking of doing one (corner shelf OR niche, not both).

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Here's the thick, chunky Seneca tile in question (I'm guessing it would be challenging to get it to work in such an exacting dimension?)

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