Infinity White and Salvatore Quartzite - porosity?

2 years ago

Saw these beautiful slabs today. Was not allowed to get a sample piece as they just came in and nothing has been cut from them yet. Can get a sample when sold and cut.

I’ve read a lot about various stones at and am concerned about the porosity of these slabs and if they are really marble by another name.

I may need to stealthy go test these pieces. Though this whole selection process is overwhelming. Love veining and want neutral tones. Don’t mind gray but like the flecks of brown and cream. And the Infinity White has some warmth in the veining.

First pic is Salvatore Quartzite. I can’t find much about a stone with this name, I am sure the place renamed it. Though can’t be sure.

Second pic is Infinity White.

The place is very reputable and I know many people (we are somewhat rural) who have granite and quartzite stones from this place that they love and have no issues with.

We love to cook so it will be a working kitchen not a show kitchen. And we are messy cooks.

Anyone heard of Salvatore and thoughts on either of these by looking at pics?

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