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Kitchen Swap and Layout help in a French Farmhouse

4 years ago

Hello and thanks in advance for the helpful comments and criticisms,

I am renovating a French farm house and would like advice on the new kitchen layout. It is a house that is primarily used in the summer and hosts 20+ people at a time. My goal is to open up the first floor so it is not just a serious of rooms and is more conducive to entertaining. Current footprint below.

My plan is to:

1.) moving the kitchen to a first floor bedroom to get better access to the outdoor eating area.

2.) take down 2 walls - 1 between the current kitchen and dining room and 1 between the dining room and the bedroom / turned new kitchen. Both walls are about 28 inches thick. Yes, we are working with a structural engineer and architect.(highlighted in first pic in yellow)

3.) moving a doorway in the bedroom / turned new kitchen that goes to a studio apartment. (door to be eliminated highlighted in red and new opening is highlighted in yellow).

Can you please improve upon the ikea kitchen plan below..although the cabinets will be semi-custom (so no need to worry about the standard cabinet size) just to get an idea of the space and what could fit in.)?

So, my must haves for the kitchen (14.5 wide by 21.5 long) are to be able to fit:

1.) 2 dishwashers

2.) 43 inch stove (110cm)

3.) 55 inch fridge freezer (140 cm wide by 31 inches deep)

So other nice to knows:

1.) I am open to reducing the 13 foot proposed opening between the bedroom /new kitchen and dining room.

2.) There is a step up from the dining room to the new kitchen. In the ikea mock up the stools are close to the opening or the kitchen and thus stair. However, given the 28-inch thinkness of the walls, the kitchen will be a bit wider at the the opening.

3.) the only windows are the french doors and a small window next to it.

4.) In the dining room next to the door, we are thinking about doing a bar area with wine fridge, ice maker, wine glass storage, alcohol storage, maybe a small beverage fridge.

I know islands do not work in all designs and am open to something else.

I am doing this long distance and my architect, who does not seem to practice the art of good kitchen design...though he does have a mastery of old houses. As a result, I am trying to give him as much information and orientations as possible.

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