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exterior colors dilemma

Chris Patterson
3 years ago

Hi folks. Been using Houzz for many years for inspiration and research, but this is my first time posting. Anyway, my wife and I are about to replace the roof on our house and paint the exterior. A major change is in order as the house is about half light orange brick with a brown roof and two colors of beige for the siding and trim. It's basically a blob of beige. We spent a lot of time going through colors we thought would work well together and make a good impact, and when we threw some test areas up on the house, those colors (charcoal trim and a deep blue siding) didn't work at all. The orange brick presents some challenge, as do our HOA guidelines (there must be 1 trim color and 1 siding color, garage doors must be painted the siding color). We're leaning towards a black roof and greyish tones, but I'm open to ideas (guess I wouldn't be posting here otherwise). I've been running through a lot of different paint combos on a paint visualizer and we haven't found anything that we really love. Photos are the house as it currently is, and one of our favorite potential combo (don't LOVE this option- it just feels like it's as good as we can get vs something we're really into). We're finding that the orange brick doesn't work too well with light trim colors or light siding colors, but I am certainly not a designer, and there's probably some combo that's eluding us.

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