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Large TV in small living room

4 years ago

Our old 37" tv recently died, so we went for a 55" that was a great value with excellent reviews. We have a good size corner space, had an armoire style entertainment center that fit the space, even though we have a small living room. I've identified a couple of corner units like our old one that have bifold doors to cover the tv on top and components on the bottom. But now I'm concerned it will be just too massive for the room. Yet we don't want to look at that big black rectangle. I've looked at lift cabinets, also very big and none made for corners. If we got a regular corner tv stand, or an open entertainment center, there are pull-down maps and artwork, again not for corners but would need to build a corner shelf above the tv to install them. I guess the question is what arrangement would look best in a small room. Thanks for reading this long post. The picture below shows the old tv and cabinet. The room also looks bigger than it is

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