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How do I fix uneven grout color and low grout joints?

Jill Garman
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Just had a contractor install 8x48 wood look tile. He apparently had never used Mapei Ultracolor Plus FE grout that is supposed to not need sealed & is quick set because he admitted he just mixed it up & then had a hard lesson of getting the excess grout up because it set up very quickly. He obviously didn't read instructions and some areas are lighter than others. I am assuming from too much water or wiping too much. Overall, the color is lighter than it should have been. There are also some low areas of grout where you can slightly see the edge of tile (probably wiped some away). Not sure it is something we want ripped up & redone as it is 350 sq. ft. & not super bad. Just some areas. Will a grout sealer darken the grout some? What about a grout refresher? Mapei makes one in the color the grout was supposed to be. What about the low joints? Will a colorant also cover the slight tile edges that show? Or can more grout be added on top. It has been close to 48 hrs now. If I do a sealer or refresher how long should I wait?

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