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Help, too many flooring choices

4 years ago

Hi, I am really stuck. I have been looking at hardwood/engineered hardwood floors for the main level of our home all summer.
We live in the Mid East part of the country and the floors will be installed on our main floor over a basement. I grew up with hardwood floors and the first home my husband and I had, had hardwood floors. (They were there when we moved in). I am use to the care of solid hardwood and living with their quirks. This is not where the problem lies. It’s the fact that there is a plethora of flooring companies and oodles of price points. Every time I come across a floor I like and begin to investigate them further there are so many negative reviews from so many different sources. How does a person make a choice. I realize that more people write negative reviews than do positive. However many times the reviews seemingly are very valid complaints. Not to mention that no company seems to stand behind their warranties. It seems that it is totally a gamble. We can not afford to put good earned money into a product that does not hold up. Also I realize lots of people say it’s in the installation and cleaning. I get it, but how is the consumer suppose to make a good decision. Price does not necessarily determine good quality either. Help! I am so frustrated and I just don’t know what to do. I have a pretty active household, teens, young adults, a small dog. And I live in a neighborhood that house are in the mid 300-400 thousand so even though I like the lvp and what seems to be an ease of living with it, not sure if that would be a good choice for our neighborhood. I would love people to weigh in with floors they have had success with. Pictures would be helpful too.
Note worth mentioning is I would like midtone-light floors. Wirebrushed to help with fine scratches and a matte finish.

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