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walnut veneer kitchen cabinets

Clarice Johnson
3 years ago

Hi everyone!

My builder just installed walnut veneer cabinets in my kitchen. We moved in a month ago and since our gas isn’t turned on yet, we hardly cook. But there are oil stains Everywhere! I’m sure it from oily fingers and grease but why is this happening? Isn’t kitchen cabinets supposed to hold up against grease and water?

I had him come look at it and he said that I just have to be extra careful because of the nature of walnut veneer? I just don’t believe that. Isn’t there a finish that could be used to protect my cabinets from oil?

We did a test there and the finish they used protects against water but any oil seeps in within seconds.

He’s agreed to replace the bad panels but I’m afraid it will keep happening with this finish. What do you suggest we use a a finish?

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