lacanche letdown - now considering Ilve or Bertazzoni

2 years ago

I have been reading reviews on here for months. I finally had a chance to see a working version after being set up with an ambassador near my home. I am so disappointed. The cooktop was amazing, but the bottom storage doors rubbed against the oven doors. The racks were bumpy sliding in and out. And it overall just seemed the oven wasn’t as quality as the price tag. I believe the oven was installed in 2011 and while the cooktop is used frequently, they use their wall oven instead of the Lacanche oven. Has anyone noticed the doors rubbing or have any buyers remorse? Lacanche is beautiful, but for the price I need it to be way more than just pretty. I’m now thinking an Ilve Majestic....but am worried about servicing it. Or a Bertazzoni which isn’t aesthetically what I’m looking for but can be purchased and serviced in my town. Any feedback from owners of these is much appreciated.

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