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Cultured marble countertop/sinks and overflows...

3 years ago

Is it standard for cultured marble counters with builtin sinks to NOT have overflows? We opted for cultured marble in our upstairs kids’ bathroom to save $ and easier to keep clean for the little ones. (I didn’t want to stress over them damaging expensive stuff.). Well today water started pouring through a ceiling light in my master bedroom! My 6 year old left the sink running and water went everywhere on the 2nd & 1st floors. It never occurred to me that the sinks might not have overflows! I’m really pissed that my builder didn’t order them with overflows or worn us that they didn’t come with them! I’m pissed at myself since neither my husband or I noticed it when they were installed. Can someone tell me if this is standard? Also, can overflows be installed after installation?

FYI-these are the same guys that fabricated & installed my master bathroom sinks to far forward, so the water ran on the countertop instead of the sink bowel. This makes me think they messed up again, but before I send a nasty email, I’d like to know if no over flows are standard. If that is standard for cultured marble is an overflow typically an option?

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