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Decorating Memory Care Studio for Mom

3 years ago

I desperately need help decorating a studio apartment for my mother, who is entering memory care. Mom has moderately severe dementia and I can no longer keep her at home. Dealing with this sad situation, finding a nice facility, and getting the money to pay for it all has been daunting, especially since Mom is totally resistant. Consequently, I am trying to do my best to make her new quarters as inviting as possible. However, interior design is NOT my strong suit,

I've attached a picture of the floor plan with dimensions and would appreciate any advice you can offer to make this studio as homey as possible. I am planning to use of a single bed, a flat screen tv, and a small table where she can have her morning coffee. Constraints include limited use of mirrors (since Mom sometimes has delusions associated with them), and a small budget (since memory care is VERY expensive).

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