Why we should raise taxes?


"Illinois paid an estimated $4.6 million in state and federal money to health insurance organizations to cover people on Medicaid who were dead, according to a federal audit released Tuesday.

The state paid the money to Medicaid managed care organizations — insurers that administer Medicaid benefits for the state — between Oct. 1, 2015 and Sept. 30, 2017, according to a federal audit. Medicaid is a state and federally funded health insurance program for the poor."


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miss lindsey (stillmissesSophie,chase,maifleur,others(8a)


“Auditors said the error occurred because the state did not enter the Medicaid beneficiaries’ dates of death into its system used to process payments and track eligibility and enrollment information. The state attributed that error to a technical flaw in the system, according to the audit.”

Why raise taxes? To access proper technology and adequately pay competent people to be in charge of running the system, apparently.

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If we had Medicare for all, the federal government would have the responsibility to monitor that data - relieving states of that administrative burden and the cost associated with it. Presumably, the feds have the systems and data to do a better job. Social security records - like death benefit claims, would be a big help.

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Why raise taxes although the article is not about taxes I can think of many reasons to raise taxes although with the clean air and water laws being set aside the need for taxes should be less.

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marquest(PA zone 6)

Exactly. I have had two people die on SS as soon as they have died everything was stopped. Try not paying your taxes for that long and you will find out how good the Govt is at paying and collecting.

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4.6 Million over two years...........Trump blows tax payer money in orders of magnitude
more than that on his weekend golf outings.....double whammy.... he
makes money on it !

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vgkg Z-7 Va(Z-7)

There should not be any need to raise taxes during a booming economy. Revenues during a booming economy should be exceeding the federal expenditures and we should be saving that surplus for a rainy day. But now here we are, during the best economy the world has ever known (I heard that from somewhere) we're adding $1 Trillion per year to the Fed Debt as far as the eye can see. That is a Terrible situation to be in when the next recession hits home for when that rainy day hits it will be a disastrous flood of epic proportions....and we will drown.

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