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Cabinet color help. Gray & tan/off- white finishes

3 years ago

Remodel due to leak & mold. Need help with choosing a kitchen that will stand the test of time & appeal to buyers if we need to sell. If we stay, this needs to be long term. Another remodel is not in the budget.

House is traditional with brick fireplace in adjoining room and mostly medium to dark woods. Looking for something transitional but classic.

Like white cabinets but concerned that white will not flow with rest of house. There’a not 1 other piece of white furniture in house. Like gray but wondering if painted finishes and especially gray will soon look dated. My husband prefers a wood tone.

Here is what we looked at today. as alternatives. Cabinet colors below. I tend to like more simple things but wonder if it ends up too boring.

My husband would prefer a granite with more color & design. Any advice or thoughts appreciated.

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