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question about painting baseboards & vanity cabinet in small washroom

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Sorry the colour on the photos are so bad. In order to get the teal & purple to be correct colours the white went yellow when I tried to fix them.

The room is Valspar Gypsy's Teal & Purple Potion. I found the combo using the tools on Encycolorpedia. I painted the Teal before I picked out the wainscoting.

The previous owners had painted the room Benjamin Moore Ravishing Red.

The colour in the other room is Ben. Moore - Desert Tan, which has turned more yellow over the years.

I think the room is too small to leave the baseboards white. They look our of place in this dark room, against this dark purple, almost burgundy at night. I really don't want to add a third colour, but I think I did find a colour I like.

I am tempted to paint both the baseboards and the vanity cabinet the same purple. Would that be okay? Or should I leave the vanity white?

I used the official online paint chips to compose the last two images. What the room might look like with purple trim or third colour. The third colour I picked out is Ben. Moore's Frozen in time.

I can't afford a third colour right now. not anytime soon. Just paid large car repair bill. I am sure most of you can relate to those kinds of out of the blue money drains.

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