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Bi-Fold Door Dilemma

Liam Morris
3 years ago

We are renovating a house as a flip project and have run into a bit of a design dilemma.

When you walk up the stairs from the basement and open the door at the top of the stairs (30" door), it opens into a small landing area with the kitchen directly to the left, small dining area directly to the right, and an exterior wall directly in front of you. Opening the door completely blocks access to the kitchen, and in fact, you might not even realize there was a kitchen because you naturally turn right and walk through the house then think "huh, is there a kitchen?"

So to bring groceries up from the garage, you'd have to open the basement door, go to the right a little bit, close the door and then you can enter the kitchen.

The ceiling in the stairwell slopes almost immediately at the same pitch as the stairs.

My thought is to install bifold doors, however, even at 15", half of the walking space is blocked.

I'd really like to find a way to install bifold doors that when open, would be recessed so that about 4-6" is in the stairwell, and only 8-10" or less sticks out in the walkway. Double Bifold?? 4 panels? I don't know.

Has anyone else run into this issue? I really don't like the look or the idea of an accordion door. There isn't room for a pocket door.

I apologize as the picture i'm attaching isn't that great, but it's the only one I have on my phone right now. I'll update with better media when able. the basement door is the brown one on the left and when open, blocks access to the kitchen. This photo is taken while standing in the dining area.

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