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How to mend an eroding hill?

3 years ago

I live at the top of a small wooded bluff that heads down into a creek valley. It’s directly behind the house and over time has seen some epsilon since the house was built (2004) long before we moved in. There’s not a lot growing that’s holding this slope together, just some escaped mondo grass tufts and a few mounds of sedges. I’d like to plant a groundcover through here like Geranium macrorrhizum but the slope is pretty eroded, exposing dead or dying roots from a white oak. Should I backfill here first with top soil? How deep? Do I need a wall at the base, or a couple of paved blocks to hold it all? My goal here really is to stop the hill from eroding, not engineer myself a ton of new garden beds or terraces.

Or do I just plant groundcover plants as is and hope for the best?

Pics from the bottom right, bottom, bottom left, and above where there is an older “retaining wall” of cheap Lowe’s blocks.

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