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Help me with my weird Master Bedroom

Stephanie D
3 years ago

Our rowhouse was renovated in the 80's. We've updated every room except our master bedroom. The original house had a walk-up attic with ceilings highest at the front of the house (above the master bedroom) that sloped steeply toward the rear of the home. The previous owner blew out the master bedroom ceiling to expose the high attic ceiling, and left a "loft" ledge. You have to climb up a fixed ladder to get up to the loft, and it's not high enough to stand - you have to stoop over. We just use it for storage.

The loft is weird but we've lived with it this long and aren't sure we want to do any major renovations at this point. However, we do want to fix the lighting situation as much we can without doing too much work. You see, there are two ugly can lights above the (former attic) dormer windows but there is no other overhead lighting. We have bedside lamps but they don't provide enough light at night. I was thinking about installing a fan on the lower ceiling and a few can lights, but I'm not sure about placement. I also wonder, should we take out the can lights in the dormer window?

I've attached some pictures to show the loft and ceiling as best i can. It's such a weird space. I wonder what to do with it. Is there a simple lighting solution?

As an aside, how would you deal with this space (both simple solutions and more major solutions)?

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