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Water shut off valve leaking-Should I install faucet before vanity?

4 years ago

The water shut off valve for my bathroom sink is leaking. I have removed my vanity and waiting to install the new vanity until the tile people come which will be at least another 10 days. (Part of my tile order was delivered damaged so it had to be reordered.)

I live in a condo and and if this valve fails I'll have to shut off the water or 16 units. I'm picturing the valve all of a sudden bursting with water and flooding my bathroom. Do you think I should go ahead and install the faucet I plan to use for my vanity as a stand alone item so I have a second line of defense meaning I would turn the water shut off valve back on but keep the faucet in the off position. Or should I go ahead and make an appointment to have a plumber replace it on Wednesday? I have to give 48 hours notice to shut off the water.

I just had the valve for my toilet replaced because it wouldn't shut off and kept spinning. The plumber noticed the sink one was wet and said it'll likely fail sometime soon since they are all about the same age.

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