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recessed storage in master bath: how much is too much?

3 years ago

How much recessed storage in useful in a master bath? Currently the bathroom is ugly but does have a floor-to-ceiling cabinet that's 12" deep and 5' wide. It holds a ton. Planning this remodel is creating lack-of-storage anxiety.

The current plan is to have a mirrored recessed medicine cabinet 24" wide by 36" high with sconces on the each side. (the vanity is 4.5' feet vs the current 4'. New vanity will be way more functional than the current crummy vanity). I don't want a cabinet over the toilet. There is no room for more or taller cabinets.

I'm considering additional options for recessed cabinets:

a) concealed picture-frame cabinet. Either over the toilet or maybe 1 (or three) on the wall opposite the vanity (i.e. over the towel rack). Or maybe one on the left wall next to the vanity. There are many sizes but here's one example:

b) recessed niche--another option for the left wall next to the vanity. This looks cute but seems more like open shelving or display than functional storage.

c) tall recessed cabinet that would be hidden when the bathroom door is open. (comes in different sizes)

FWIW my house is a 1940 bungalow and I'm hoping the look of the bathroom will be vintage/classic with a spa feel. Suddenly, oodles of recessed cabinets feels not very spa like. I have standard walls, so 4" deep. How much practical is any of this???? Thanks for your help!

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