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Need help deciding what to do in my backyard.

Andrew Kaufteil
4 years ago

I need advice for what to do in my backyard.

The photo looks horrendous (it's currently a construction zone), but let me tell you whats going on.

I live on a hill in Northern California. I have a very large deck attached to the back of my house - about 10 x 25 feet with two sliding glass doors leading to two bedrooms.

Behind the deck there is a retaining wall with dilapidated concrete over it. The wall raises the area rto be about level with the new deck.

In between the deck and raised area is a staircase leading down to a small grassy area. (In front of that small aluminum bin.)

It's crunch time and I need to decide what the heck to do in the backyard.

The options I'm considering so far:

1) Break-up the concrete, add a bunch of healthy soil and make it a landscaped area with some lawn or ground cover and some lavender, rosemary, plants, and flower.

2) Repave it and restore the concrete to its former glory.

3) Add expensive/low maintenance fake grass over it

4) Add no-mow grass and low maintenance plants.

I am trying to weigh - wanting something pretty, wanting something functional (low-ish maintenance), wanting something cost-effective, and wanting something good for resale. My gut goes back and forth.

What would you do and why???

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