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Would you have a bedroom with a walk-in closet in a 20' x 11' space ?

Indy Clone
3 years ago

I'm designing a 4-bedroom house in Southern California and have different options for the second bedroom. The master bedroom will be larger and will have a large walk-in closet. The third and fourth bedrooms will have reach-in closets because there won't be enough space for walk-in closets. However, for the second bedroom I can have either a larger bedroom (17' x 11') plus a reach-in closet (3' x 11') or a smaller bedroom (14' x 11') plus a walk-in closet (6' x 11').

Right now I have no preference either way so I would go with whatever will give a higher resale value for the house if I decide to sell it later on. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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