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Three v. Four Drawer Stacks for Dish Drawers

Kristin S
3 years ago

I'm meeting with my cabinet maker tomorrow morning, and I'm thinking about my dish drawers. We'll likely have two stacks of drawers, both 23" wide and 27" deep. Our cabinet maker's initial draft proposed a three drawer stack 6"/12"/12"; we're leaning toward four drawer stacks, as 1) we want to avoid overly heavy drawers, and 2) none of our dish stacks are particularly tall, and we don't want to stack different sized plates on one another.

Do four drawer stacks work well for dishes? If so, what should the size distribution be? Our cabinet maker's standard is 6"/6"/9"/9". It seems like it might make more sense to vary them slightly, though - maybe 5.5"/6.6"/9"/9"? Or something else?

Our cabinets will be frameless full-overlay, and they're fully custom, so we can do whatever we want, but that means we have to figure out exactly what we want.

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