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How should I place my hostas on my balcony?

I hope to complete the move down south in another couple of months. I will have a 12 x 7' covered balcony to house my hostas & heuchies in their fabric grow bags. There is a floor-to-ceiling brick privacy wall on the western narrow end of my balcony. As you can see from the compass rose and red line, it's pretty much a SW exposure on the balcony.

I intend to put the largest (10 gallon fabric grow bags) on a 4 shelf utility shelving unit and cozy that unit right up against the brick wall to ensure stability against winds or other things which could topple it. I was originally thinking to put the smaller grow bags of hostas and heuchies on the eastern narrow side of the balcony on tiered shelves. But, it looks as though the lower 2 shelves would not get much light. Therefore, I'm considering 3 shelf utility straight up and down shelving units even with the top of the railing for that area.

I have 2 concerns:

1. Do you think the larger hostas on the taller utility shelf will get enough sun positioned against the brick wall?

2. Will the smaller hostas on the eastern side get enough sun in straight up and down shelving vs. tiered?

Thanks for your input, guys!

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