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Recommendation for GD for infrequent use, farmhouse sink an septic

Forever Now
4 years ago

We're installing a new island with a Kohler Whitehaven (tall apron) cast iron sink and I want a garbage disposal. We are also on a septic. I don't plan to give it heavy duty use, I mainly want it for that little bit of food that I can never seem to catch with a strainer and for the kids' leftover soggy cereal (sooo tired of scooping that out by hand - yuck!). I really feel like I don't need a special septic GD given this situation or a super powerful one, but at the same time it actually needs to chop things up finely or what's the point? I have been looking at disposals but no idea how to gauge what I need for this situation and hope I would get a few suggestions here.

Also, wonder if it's possible to still have a strainer/plug combo when you have a GD since this is a single bowl sink. Anyone have that?

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