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SUMMER is here... Seasonal thread part 8

Summer is here everyone! Dog days of Summer can be very trying but I hope everyone has a great Summer rose growing season!

Post pics and just have fun!

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  • 4 years ago

    Thank you, Blondie. This has been a trying year. We all start out with big plans and high hopes, then the forces of nature take over and the roses are victims of the weather and our big plans are dashed until the next year. I will say that Diane's recommendation of Lily Miller Rose Food had better results than Rose Tone. So, that's a change I'll stick to. I really need to have my soil tested. I need to go over the requirements again and just get it done. I'm sure it's far too alkaline for roses. They perk up noticeably after a rain. The French roses do better in my alkaline soil than any others.

    Jim, did you get the old Pink Party Bus refurbished or is that a new one? It's looking good and raring to go. Love the reflection photo - so sharp and clear.

    Kristine, photos of the birdbath project would be very welcome. Did you have trouble finding a birdbath this late in the season? I am looking for one.

    Pippa, Distant Drums and Soul Sister are both great looking roses. I don't have either one, but thinking about DD.

    Lisa, I'd forgotten that Sonia R was one of the roses you lost last year. I hope you can squeeze her in someday. She's one you would enjoy and prettier than those pics I posted. I wanted to show how quartered she is.

    Beautiful Flamingo Gardens Tea is lovely. I tried 2 of the hardier teas last year that didn't survive winter. Teas are a favorite of mine. They do so well for you. Ingrid and Sheila also have gorgeous teas. I know there are others, but my brain is shutting down for the night.

    Diane, your Tamora is bursting at the seams with blooms. Just look at all those buds yet to open! So pretty with the snaps at her feet.

  • 4 years ago

    Flowers, I bought my birdbath from Wayfair. They have a huge selection.

    I wanted something easy to clean. Something that I could fill with sand to weight it down

    Pictures soon

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    Ok update on Downy Mildew outbreak! Plum Perfect has losts all its leaves and so has Julia Child... Julia Child was already covered in blackspot so DM finished her off... Miracle on the Hudson is between Julia Child and Plum Perfect... MOTH has lost a decent amount of leaves but still actually looks ok but getting bald spots now.. D. Ko's have some DM but not near as bad as other roses... Earthsong has a fair amount of DM but still looks ok on the most part... Little Fiji roses just now getting DM so they probably will be naked soon as they are small... Carefree Celebration.... Has DM to a mild degree right now... Raining, windy here today...Thunderstorms... Those DM spores are probably flying everywhere! MOTH...Notice all the fallen leaves from DM.... On a good
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    I wonder if I'll ever get to my afternoon chores. It's 98F, so I won't be outside until much later. It was bad enough yesterday at 97F--let h#ll on earth begin. I can tell you we have air conditioning, and it's running (itself to death-ha). I remember my days as a young married. We had no AC in our little house, and I sweat all night long with a big fan blowing on us and all windows open. I would lie in a lawn lounger in the evenings, reading, until it got pitch dark, and then reluctantly go inside to the house/furnace. But enough of past travails.... Lisa, thank you so much for confirming that I also grow Chinese forget me not. I went through all my seed packets from last and this year, and found nothing that could explain the campanula, but my Chinese forget me not seed came from Select Seeds. I like that seller a lot. I've heard of those water forget me nots, but since we're so dry, I didn't try them. I agree the Chinese type are more colorful. Jim, I spotted that little helper of yours. You certainly capture some wonderful photos of insects and birds. I simply can't do it. Dilly, you've got a smiling brunnera leaf. I think it's the cutest one. After the adorable and happy little boy, I like the useful kitty. She looks just like our old codger, Clancy, only your kitty is prettier. Same markings and colors almost exactly. I am so impressed with your roses, Cobra lily, and especially that hardy geranium, Havana Blues. I have too many Rozannes, and she is sprawly in my garden, though I love all her blooming. I love hibiscus Luna Red, which I also grow. You are a little ahead of us, so mine are not blooming quite yet. I hope the weather moderates before they pop open. Our dry heat just destroys hibiscus blooms. Your Julia Child looks great, and I hope she is a bloom machine for you. Ingrid, many thanks--especially because I so admire your skill as a photographer. I'm sorry about your heat, which is bad here, too. It's that suffering time of year for plants and humans alike. A little rain might be nice, but it's not going to happen here. Take care from all of us, your gardening friends. Diane
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    Opps! I don’t know why the photo of Love Songs nice red new foliage is up here, but that’s where Houzz decided to put it. Diane, the red buckwheat is just under a foot tall, in my garden. It’s perennial, but only to zone 8a. It has self seeded just a little on my slope. It’s an easy one for me, because it requires NO summer water. I sometimes give them a squirt with the hose, if I’m in the area, but not very often. It’s critter proof, too. The gophers have left mine alone for all these years. I’m thinking it might be a good plant for you, Ingrid. It’s from Annie’s, like much of my “good stuff”. It’s not really RED, more of a rosy red/pink. Oursteelers, your hydrangeas are incredible! I love them all. Is that ‘Peacock’ Hydrangea in the last picture you posted yesterday? I’m in love with that one. I tried to get it on clearance a few times, but was always too late. I’m sure it would bloom pink for me, even in a pot, and I’d want that luscious purple color against those black stems. My water is just too alkaline, and I’m not crazy enough to buy bottled water for it. Well..... I’m actually crazy enough, but as little as I go out, it would probably die of thirst before it could bloom. Why do we always want what we can’t grow? They are thirsty plants, and I have to keep all of mine in the shade. I think I better keep myself at the 4 hydrangeas I have. I’m trying to learn not to make so much extra work for myself as things get harder to keep up with. Yours really do tempt me, though. I would however, like to try again with a small reblooming hydrangea, like Jim grows. I’m greedy for those cut flowers! Diane, your Love Song pictures are amazing. I really like mine, and it’s a champ in the heat, but it doesn’t look as ruffled as yours. I wonder why that is? Mine is just beginning another flush. Two blooms are fully open. See how mine has less ruffles than yours. These have been open for several days in the heat, so they are quite a bit lighter than they were upon opening. Since I’m up on the slope, I’ll take a few more pictures. Wild Edric is starting up again. I love this one, especially because our dear Ingrid gave it to me. Mel’s Heritage just keeps blooming, deadheaded, or not. Not, in this case. Oh my goodness! It’s suddenly raining big fat drops! Yeah!!! A blooming cane of Cornelia My Clotilde Soupert isn’t nearly as pink as she was in her shaded pot. This tings of pink will be gone by the end of the day:( That blue aster from Annie’s keeps spreading, even though I try not to let it get much water. They creep along, spreading underground. I need to pick some ASAP. Oh oh! I’m already 35 minutes late for coffee time! How did that happen?!? Lisa
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  • 4 years ago

    Thanks, Kristine. Mail order is the best! I ordered my garden benches from them. I'm sure Mr. Wonderful would be happy if I don't get a concrete one. There is a statuary place in town that I do want to check out. They're either closed for the season or having a sale.

    Trish, you also grow beautiful teas that I admire so much. Have you applied the Phyton to the affected one yet? That's a devastating virus. It sounds as bad as RRD.

  • 4 years ago

    Pippa the Distant Drums bloom is just lovely! I am putting that one on my wish list!

    Lisa my Queen Nefertiti is planted in a raised bed which I filled with a tractor bucket full of ten year old horse manure. Nothing else went in. I am guessing that is the main reason she is thriving. I also water once a week with the same aged manure soaked in a bucket of water for a couple of days, which is the only fertilizing I do and I don't bother to spray. This morning I counted 19 buds that haven't started to open, on top of all the blooms that are already in various stages of opening, so she is definitely my number one dependable continual bloomer.

    Diane I love your pictures of Tamora!

  • 4 years ago

    Refurbished Flowers!

    Really enjoying all the Photos! Nice!

    Cool here today never made it out of the 60's...Dark with rain clouds..

  • 4 years ago

    Good grief, Jim, it's 95 here, and my roses are still burning up. Yours look great. But our lows were in the 60s-ha. Poor Abbaye de Cluny is in a full flush, and her blooms burn up in a few hours. She's a very heat sensitive rose. But boy, is she vigorous--about 8 feet tall. Young Lycidas doesn't take the heat well, either, and his flush is being ruined. Augusta Luise, Miss Frills, does well in the heat, but is just ending her flush, so no damage at all.

    Thanks, Joey. I wish I had some of that horse manure you've been using. I've used it in the past, and the stuff is rocket fuel for roses. Your Nefertiti is, indeed, a rose to be proud of--just beautiful.

    Thanks, Flowers. Tamora is the best, a dependable "rock" in my garden. She's grafted on multiflora, and I got her about 13 years ago from Pickering, now closed, in Canada. I do stand by Lily Miller--it's way cheaper and more effective than the Tones, but it stinks like they do! I'm not going to the trouble of ordering Tones anymore. I think I'm done with them. I also swear by the best compost I've ever found--Nu Life, a regional brand. Talk about rose rocket fuel. I think this stuff is what has caused The Prince to go crazy with growth and bloom, plus a few others that have really picked it up. Unfortunately, the slackers of my garden are still slacking, the biggest one has the initials BC. My daughter got a lovely to look at birdbath to replace the one which had gone to birdbath heaven, so I thought. Anyway, this birdbath is made of a slick glasslike (birds hate it) material, and has a solar battery that produces a soft glow at night. Altogether a pretty thing, and, did I mention this, the birds hate it. I've never seen a bird drink from it. But daughter will have a fit if I replace it. Meanwhile, my old birdbath was secretly fixed with extensive efforts by my son in law who also painted in bright red and loves it. It looks like a fire hydrant now stands a ways away from the pretty, but unused one. I'm finally going to fill the fire hydrant because the birds love that birdbath. My tiny birdbath a ways from the first two is used constantly by the desperate birds. Oy. I never knew birdbaths could split a family apart.

    Lisa, thank you, too, and good luck with Tamora. I think she's a California girl like Evelyn. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    Diane, you have me rolling on the floor again. I wish my family took as much interest in bird baths. They're pretty much up to me to select and maintain. Another reason I miss our grandson living here. He carried concrete ones all over the garden while I made up my mind for placement. My husband will say, "Make up your mind where you want it before I carry it out there". It's funny how those little birds with brains the size of a pea can have an opinion.

    About Nu Life Compost. My roses could use some rocket fuel. Is it composted manure or plant based? Apparently it's not available here, but I will look into ordering it. I've always heard marvelous things about Black Kow, but recently read that it's really not all it's said to be. Anyway, it's not available here, either. I'm surrounded by farms, but I don't want to mess with fresh manure.

  • 4 years ago

    Flowers, have you googled Nu Life? I'm sure you have, though. They make a fancy potting soil which I used for the first time this year. That one hasn't made much difference, and works like any quality potting soil. The compost has in it: composted and aged bark fines, composted steer manure, composted chicken manure, mushroom compost, and composted peat, plus mycorrhizae (will someone teach me how to spell that?). It's $5.99 per 1.5 cu foot bag, not as much as some other stuff like Black Gold. I use a discount coupon at the farm store, so it's about 20% less......You are lucky to have someone carry those birdbaths around. I agree that the birdbrains know what they're doing. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    Lisa, thank you for the FGT photos. My baby is recovering from a vole attack, so I need something to hang on to.

  • 4 years ago

    Diane, what a selection your birds have! Do many drink out of the red one? That's a weird choice of colours!

    flowers, I still can't find the Phyton. About eight of the ones left are affected, and it may well be that they all are. I'd cut off a cane from Mrs BR Cant a few months ago. The poor thing is only 2 yo, and has hardly grown, despite being a vigorous rose. That left one small cane that had two blooms on it. I managed to step back onto it a few days ago :(. I cut off the broken remaining cane yesterday, down to the graft, but more than half of the cut was dark brown. I'll have to dig it out, but I'm very very tempted to replace it in a couple of years, as I love those full blooms, and it's strongly scented for a Tea.

  • 4 years ago

    Sheila, I love FGT to, so more thanks, Lisa.. Not available here, sadly.

  • 4 years ago

    Trish, FGT is Souvenir de Pierre Notting, so do you have that in Australia?

  • 4 years ago

    Thanks, again, Diane. None of our farm stores carry Nu Life, and Amazon doesn't have it either. I might try ordering it unless I can come up with something similar locally. I don't care that my truck load order of plant based compost isn't very rich because that's primarily what I plant in, so I actually prefer it not be overly rich, but to top dress, I want something better.

    Oh, Sheila! That's sad news. I hope the voles left a good amount of roots. There was a time I went around the perimeter of my veggie garden and as I touched each rose bush, they fell over. Voles can do an enormous amount of damage. I hope they didn't get any of your other ones.

  • 4 years ago

    Trish, I didn't know you had that many affected this time around. I'm so sorry. I hope the cane lost on Mrs. BR Cant was where all the virus was, and now she can grow back free of it. She's one I would grow if I could. I hope you find the Phyton soon enough to stop the nasty stuff from spreading.

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Flowers, this time it got three fourths of the top, but left the roots. I'm praying for Pierre and I'm not religious.

  • 4 years ago

    Sheila, it was flowers who commiserated, though I do too. Souvenir de Pierre Notting is grown here (I've discovered on HMF), but so far this morning, I haven't found a nursery that stocks it. Two good rose nurseries here closed fairly recently. How's your beautiful Rosette Delizy?

  • 4 years ago

    LOL Nanadoll! @ the Birdbath

  • 4 years ago

    Jim 1961, is the Pink Party Bus air-condioned? I'd hop aboard.

    Yesterday we ended up at the beach. Thirty degrees cooler, 41 miles away. Dogs loved it. DH loved it. I loved it. Came back in a much better mood.

    Today it was even worse here: 105. We went into the city (LA) and thence to Santa Monica, which hardly ever gets out of the 70s. Tomorrow - the mountains are calling me and I must go, as John Muir said. I think the dogs prefer the beach — they loved digging up the sand to find questionable edibles, dead sea creatures perhaps. Up in WA state, we visited a beach lined with dead crab and dead crab parts. Probably the highlight of a terrier’s life.

    This is Daisy up there, drinking water out of a oyster shell. Don’t worry, we rinsed it out with fresh water first!

  • 4 years ago

    South Africa

    Rainbow's End

  • 4 years ago

    It was over 100 today but Compassion just put out lots of new blooms.

  • 4 years ago

    Thank you Trish, I appreciate that that was flowers now. Thank you flowers. My Pierre does need both of your sympathies. I found Souv de Pierre Notting difficult to find here too. I don't know why. He is gorgeous. Rosette Delizy is doing well. No vole has attacked her. She started as a two inch stub, and is 6-7 ft tall now four years later.

  • 4 years ago

    Tamora is exquisite! I had to laugh at your birdbath story. Sounds like you have very helpful kids.
    Pippa, Your Compassion is so beautiful!
    So sorry about your vole attack, that sounds so depressing! Your Rosette Delizy is lovely. I have one still in pot from ARE. I purchased it at beginning of summer because it was out of stock so long I jumped when it came back. I almost killed it when I didn’t take the plastic bag off and it got very hot and damp in the pot for a full week sitting at 100 degrees. But it’s recovering nicely and put out one lovely bloom so I know it’s the right rose :-) I’ll put it in the ground next week after this heatwave is over. Been just shy of 100 for a week now and predicted for one more week. Then I am hoping this kind of heat is over for us this year. I counted 20 large Gulf Fritillary larvae just standing in one spot this morning. Love having butterflies constantly flitting about! My two singles, Lyda Rose and Marie Daley, in bloom and both have lovely fragrance.

  • 4 years ago

    I love seeing all the roses in the warmer climates. I know I have no hope of growing here; but it's nice to see them still. If I could pickup and relocate I would probably pick the west coast, where I can escape the humidity. And a temperate climate would be ideal. Rose growing all year, yippee! And unlimited water supplies, no pest bugs, diseases, etc. Now I'm just dreaming, lol!

    @Sheila - envious of the size of your roses you can grow there. Your rose looks beautiful!

    @Lisa - I also enjoy seeing all the roses you have. I planted Pomponella this year. It is showing vigour and blooming power. But the colour is not as nice as yours and they seem to be easily damaged by moisture/heat on the petals. Do you ever have issues with this rose? I'm hoping it improves next year, because the blooms are adorable.

    @pippa - your multiple blooms above are all very pretty. It's nice to have something blooming daily. I started following you on Instagram - I'm we_be_blooming. I also follow flowers too & a few others on here. I'm always worried that if houzz continues this way, that there will be no one left on here. And as much as I like the rose photos on Insta; I love the knowledge and advice available on this forum more. But there are a lot less contributors now, then in the past :(

    @Diane - thanks for the compliments. I'm loving the variety this year too! I really want to see these bird baths now. I'm surprised you didn't opt for purple versus the red! Your Tamora is beautiful. Morning glories are not invasive here, because of the cold. In the last 4 seasons, I've only had one volunteer vine pop up.

    @Stephanie - your photos are nice to see too. Those caterpillars look dangerous with those spikes. Do they do a lot of damage to your plants? I have a lot of caterpillars and they are small, but they can strip a nice size area on a rose overnight. I leave them be though, because I'm hoping that my garden finds a good balance overall.

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    All of my friends are so excited for fall and I am just sad to see all my beautiful roses go to bed for the Winter At least we have a fabulous September and a great October at least the 1st half, to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info

  • 4 years ago

    I know! I'm still trying to get all my beds weeded!

  • 4 years ago

    Blondie, haha, did you think I chose a red birdbath? It was a surprise. And no purple ones are wanted, either. I like my birdbaths to be in stone or metal, and not obtrusive--which is how the red bb was before the paint job. I've also wondered if the paint were to start flaking off, would it harm the birds? That's why I haven't even filled it yet. Thanks for your Tamora comments. She's a wonderful rose, I think. I agree about "the incredible shrinking Houzz". About 20 minutes ago, I attempted twice to submit a photo on a thread here, only to have it disappear into Houzz ether. It's stuff like that that make people give up on this site. I'd like to know more about pomponella myself. Does it rebloom much, and are the blooms really small? Morning glories--bah. I've had ones I thought I'd gotten rid of after years long battles, only to have the things grow up through middle of a rose, vining around and sometimes blooming before I realize they're....still there.

    Kristine, that's a lovely rose--what is it? September should be nice here, too, and the thought of winter makes me queasy. But first the November cleanup---more quease.

    Stephanie, thanks, and I think Lyda Rose is exquisite, too. But the caterpillar?! We never have that type here. I wish we did for the payoff of a beautiful butterfly, but all the destruction, I wouldn't like.

    Sheila, that's an impressive and beautiful Rosette, and all from a 2 inch stub--wow. You must have supervoles--ours mainly destroy grass with their tunnels, and occasionally burrow around in a flower bed where they store their grass hoard. Then I destroy the voles. Later, you can see tufts of grass growing out of the tunnel entrances, and it's a tipoff on tunnel location. All in all, though, there hasn't been that much vole damage over the years--never a rose. Now gophers are what do the destruction you talk about. Are you sure you don't have gophers? We don't even have those anymore because of the badger control. Always encourage badgers, I say.

    Pippa, Compassion is exquisite. Going to look her up.

    Sylvia, another cute Daisy added to the thread. Flowers has a kitty named Daisy. Your photo is adorable. I hope the weather moderates for you. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    Diane that is young lycidas one of my very favorites it so healthy right now it probably has 200 buds waiting to open and each Bloom is so large and fragrant it is truly 1 of my favorites

  • 4 years ago

    Thanks, Kristine. Your YL looks quite different from mine, so I didn't recognize it. My Young Lycidas is in the middle of a flush, and the heat is just ruining it--dry air is actually worse. Mine is quite the wimp about anything but perfect weather. Your soon to come flush should be spectacular. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    Oh yes the pink party bus is equipped with the lastest in air Sylvia Wendel ....Hi Daisy the doggie!

    Wonderful photos everyone!

  • 4 years ago

    I decided to call Roses Unlimited tomorrow and add to my order.

    I still have room in my new garden for Bolero and Violets Pride

    The more that I can get in the ground this fall would be a great start for next year.

    Somebody posted pictures of At Last and that is on the list as well..

  • 4 years ago

    Talked to a very nice girl at rose's unlimited and got my order updated Everything ships on Monday

    I'm so excited, I'll get it all planted and have less to do in the spring. They did not have At Last however.

    I'm still considering Mango Veranda.

  • 4 years ago

    Blondie and Nanadoll, The Gulf Fritillary larvae are exclusive feeders on the passion vine. They don’t stray onto the roses or anything else :-) Those spikes are actually soft, but probably meant to scare off birds. The passion vine, while prominent when walking through the yard which is so small that nothing is not prominent, I don’t see while sitting on the patio, which is where we hang out to enjoy the yard and butterflies. So if it looks ratty by the end of the season, then no matter.

  • 4 years ago

    I'm sorry about At Last, Kristine, but at least you got all the others. I agree with you about planting stuff now. I'm still not done with my large pot pets and am going to transplant a couple of things now to save me the trouble in the spring. My decision is if I should let a couple of smaller plants I just got this year grow over the winter and next spring or plant them now and get them used to their new home. Hmmmm. I'm seriously thinking of putting Victorian Memory in the ground now.

  • 4 years ago

    Hi guys. I hope you all had a good Labor Day! Mine was quiet, with a BBQ at my parents retirement village. It’s been horribly hot, with some humidity, and I’m real tired of it. It IS still cooling down at night to about 65F, so things could be worse. When it doesn’t cool down at night, things get even more miserable. I’m hoping we don’t get too much of that this year.

    Well Joey, my Queen Nefertiti is never going to live in a bed of aged horse manure, so I’ll never get results like yours. I did remove a bit of Madame Alfred Carrier the other evening to give Queen Nefertiti a little more sun. She may need moving over winter, but to where? I already have a pot ghetto of roses that I don’t know where to plant. If you all knew how many great roses I have waiting to be planted, you wouldn’t believe it. I really was thinking they would fit, but as others began growing, I realize that I overestimated my space.

    Sheila, I was thinking about your poor SdPN when I took the pictures. I really want yours to make it. It’s a tough rose, so if any rose has a shot at recovering from that, it’s FGT/SdPN. Flamingo Gardens Tea is one that’s still making new blooms in this awful heat, AND it’s in a pot! It’s a big half barrel size, but those are harsh conditions in full sun with this heat. Love Song is another one that’s doing fine in those same conditions. Someone asked me WAY back if I had red buckwheat growing near Flamingo Gardens Tea. I forgot to answer. I do indeed have red buckwheat growing on the slope. I’ve tried the ‘Ella Nelson’s Yellow’ kind from Annie’s at least twice. I KNOW a gopher ate the first one, even though Annie’s says it’s gopher resistant. The second one disappeared over this last winter, so I guess I give up with the yellow one.

    I’ll give my thoughts on Pomponella after a bit. I’ll go out and see how her blooms are holding up in this heat, and hopefully take a few pictures. She does want to be big, really big. I put her directly into the ground as a band size rose last year, and she took off from there. I do see blooms from here, so I’ll check them out soon. It’s just so hot out right now.

    I was out picking blooms for a small bouquet to bring to my parents place yesterday, and about sweat myself into nothingness. It was just plain gross outside at 3pm. I know I should cut blooms in the morning.......

    Yesterday’s bouquet with Cream Abundance roses. Lisa

  • 4 years ago

    At last is available from Amazon and Hirt but they send such puny starts that it is more of a challenge to winter them over. So, I will wait until spring.

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Lisa, that's one of the prettiest bouquets yet. Is that pink pincushion flower I see? And, veronica? My veronica is done for the year and I've already cut it to the ground. I need to move some of them since they've gotten bigger. I haven't grown pincushion flower for a long time, and never had pink.

    Vapor, I plant all my bands directly in the ground. Northland advises it for their plants. Not sure about other growers.

    Sheila, Rosette Delizy is such a pretty and interesting rose. The color can be so different on different plants. Is yours always that rosy? Isn't yellow the more common color? I always got it mixed up with Petite Lizette. A tea,and an alba, and look nothing alike, but I just couldn't get them straight.

    Kristine, I feel exactly like you about fall. I don't understand why it's everyone's favorite season. Fall plants like mums and ornamental kale don't thrill me and I don't care for fall decor. I say, lets just go ahead and have winter and get it over with.

    Sylvia, your Daisy is as cute as can be! Dogs love the beach and it's such a relief for them on hot days. We used to take our Genevieve, Chamois and Chuckie doggies to a lake in CA, and they stayed in the water the entire time, frolicking and playing non stop.

    Poseidon, planted a few weeks ago from a band. It's competing with P Charlene de M to see which one can grow the fastest and produce blooms at the same time.

  • 4 years ago

    My AT Last rose arrived late and tiny last year and it died before it got started....All the canes just turned black..Yes wait until Spring..

  • 4 years ago

    Jim, I agree. I've never planted a rose in the fall, but the perennials I've planted then almost never made it through the winter.

    Flowers, quite a while back I noticed that lovely pink scabiosa that Lisa grows. I couldn't find it listed anywhere, until I checked Annie's where I saw that the darn thing would not be hardy through our winter--I don't know if it's a true annual. I used to grow scabiosa Butterfly Blue and its "pink" cousin. I thought they looked almost alike; the pink wasn't a true pink at all. But they are very hardy perennials. Other scabiosa I've tried have been annuals. My friend used to start a ton of them from seed, and there were some neat colors in the annual type, even black. Your Poseidon is just amazing to have produced that beautiful bloom in such a short time. Have you seen Sara's Poseidon bouquet in her thread? Totally gorgeous. Where did you get your Poseidon? Well, it's hotter than all get out here, and tomorrow, I'm going to the Botanical Garden with friends. What timing, and I don't like that place, particularly, either. My roses are still taking a beating from the heat, but not the one's you'd expect to fry.

    Lisa, I agree with Flowers that that is an outstanding bouquet. As lovely as the rose is, it's what you add to the nosegay that really sets it, and all of your bouquets, apart from a typical arrangement. Like Flowers, I love your pink scabiosa. Is it perennial in your climate? If it's an annual, does it reseed. The only place I've seen it for sale is Annie's. I'm also very interested in Pomponella, too. Yours is scrumptious. And thanks for all the info you've shared about Princesse Charlene. What's your secret to that fabulous Evelyn you grow? It's cookin here, too, so I'm inside wasting time. There is always housework.....noooooo. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    Lisa, thank you for the encouraging words regarding FGT/Souv de Pierre Notting. He is really trying a comeback after the horrible vole attack. I now have him surrounded by mousetraps. One vole was caught and no further damage has occurred but that vole ate 3/4 of the top growth. He put out a beautiful bloom after the attack.

    He probably wonders why he got sent to prison.

    Flowers, Rosette Delizy is often yellow here, but seems to turn redder in heat. I thought Jeri said hers was more yellow in heat. What a mystery these Teas can be.

  • 4 years ago

    Sheila, that's unique garden art and it ought to do the job. It's amazing how much damage those tiny things can do. SdePN is SO beautiful. My voles didn't eat top growth. They feasted on the roots, right up to the base of the rose.

    Diane, I'm on the hunt for pink scabiosa. I have grown the common blue perennial ones and didn't know there were perennials that weren't cold hardy or an annual variety. Annie's Annuals must be out of it for the season. The site comes up empty.

    Vapor, are you planting Victorian Memory as a shrub or climber? I just planted one on an arbor. It's growing pretty well. Now, I read that is bushier than tall, but there are photos on HMF that clearly show it as a good climber even in colder zones.

  • 4 years ago

    Flowers, the pink (not true pink) that came out around the time Butterfly Blue came out is not the one you want, and it's a perennial. Annie's was a florists' flower, and I'm sure it won't survive our winters. I'll check my catalog. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    @Diane - my Pomponella was planted this spring, so I can't give a lot of info. But it has taken off and has had sprays of blooms on it constantly. However, mine showed weather damage on the edges easily. Not sure if it was heat/moisture. Hoping it improves next year. Also the japanese beetles like it. Which I know is not an issue for you. I think it would be quite a big plant in your garden. I love the sprays of pink balls though!

    Well today was Aiden's first day of grade 2. He was very nervous about it and has been a bit emotional for the last few days. Now that he knows who his teacher is and who's in his class, he is back to himself. I don't remember being anxious in grade school! His school is pretty big, so each grade has multiple classes, so you may not end up with any of your friends. My elementary school only had one class for each grade. It meant you were always with the same people; either friend or foes. Here is one the obligatory first day photos!

  • 4 years ago

    @Flowers - your Poseidon looks really nice. Mine got hit hard last winter and has not been great this year. I'm going to try and winter protect it this year, to help it along. I noticed in the spring that it looks like it heaved out of the soil quite a bit. So I'm going to mound soil around it again. It made it through 2018 winter fine, which was way worse. I hope yours does well for you, it's a great rose overall.

  • 4 years ago

    Here's a few randoms from today - Munstead, sedum, singing in the rain rose, Julia Child and Charlotte

  • 4 years ago

    Aiden is such a cutie pie. I love first day of school pics. They all stand with their arms glued to their sides, although Aiden looks far more relaxed than most, proudly wearing new clothes, and hair combed, some for the first time all summer. i love that age, especially little boys. They are eager to please and like to help. Aiden has a beautiful backdrop for his photo. I definitely remember being nervous in grade school. I'm glad he's more comfortable about it now.

    I'm sorry your Poseidon has had troubles. I fear I may be getting too excited about mine before it has proven itself. Princess CdM, Nahema and Poseidon have made me a happy gardener, in spite of it being a disappointing season overall, but winter will tell the tale.

    Your Singing in the Rain is a great looking bush. Is your Munstead bush kind of gangly and oddly shaped? Mine sure are. I adore the blooms, but the bushes are nothing to brag about.

    Diane, I've been thinking I ought to find some scabiosa again, but didn't think about pink until I saw Lisa's. Now, I'm obsessed.

    Lisa, every time you post something, I want it, too. I don't have Crm. Abundance, but I might try those pink shades with MMagdelene, Desdemona and Crm. Veranda.

    I'm almost giddy that I finally have some decent blooms.

    Gruss an Aachen.

  • 4 years ago

    Wow, that's a beautiful photo, Flowers. Don't tell me a phone camera took that--it's perfection with not a petal out of place. My roses' blooms all have heat damage and other imperfections. They are not looking good right now. I love the color of Gruss and the incredibly delicate petals. She would shrivel into used tissues here. I just looked up that pink scabiosa that Annie's carries. It's called Florists' Pink and is perennial in zones 9-10. It's $7.95 per plant, or three for $7.50 each. Looks like an expensive annual for us. It self sows, but if it's a hybrid, I don't see how it the seedlings would be true to their hybrid parent. I'm having trouble with Dara, the purple wild carrot on that very thing. I got some strange looking plants from the second year seedlings.

    Blondie, I hope Aiden had a great day at school--he looks quite confident and his hair is very cool. Very cute little guy. Your roses look great, and I really like the coloring and looks of Singing in the Rain. It's another rose I need to check out. So do you think Pomponella is heat sensitive? I hope not--I really like that one. Just what I need is another shriveler--ha. Diane

  • 4 years ago

    Lisa, that was me asking about red buckwheat. I got 3 from Annie’s and they are blooming now so I thought I recognized them. Love your beautiful bouquet!
    HalloBlondie, Aiden is such a cutie pie! I was also anxious as a kid about the first day of school. Our school had our grade split into 2 classes and you never knew who was going to be in your class. You yard is looking like peak perfection!
    Shelia, OMG it is a fortress around Souv de Pierre Notting. He must be a very succulent and tasty rose. Such luscious blooms!

  • 4 years ago
    last modified: 4 years ago

    Blondie, Your flowers are beautiful but your son is absolutely adorable. He looks ready for his grand adventure prayers for a very smooth and incredible learning year and may he meet lots and lots of wonderful new friends

  • 4 years ago

    I'm really digging all the great photos! Figured I throw a slang word from the 70's

    Have a great day everyone!

  • 4 years ago

    Crap I just realized I'm overdo in starting a new Summer thread...

    So here it is everyone! Have fun!

    NEW THREAD here:

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