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Window in shower options: blinds between glass?

4 years ago

Are there any good options for privacy glass for the shower window? We looking at Marvin and the only real options for my 1940 bungalow are “frost” (sandblasted) or ”rain.” I’m not thrilled with either.

Are they any other options I haven‘t considered? Pella has blinds-between-the-glass but it looks like it’s only available on the aluminum windows. (We’re thinking fiberglass due to the moisture). Ages ago I read about “smart” windows that you could wire to have it flip from clear to opague but adding electricity to a shower area doesn’t seem great.

FWIW, the room is 6x11 with door at one end and shower at the other. Currently it’s a 2x2 slider; the new one will be an awning, either 2x2 or 3x2. It’s on the first floor. Neighbor has no windows there on the first floor, but does have windows on the second floor that could look in. I may ask my neighbor if I can come check it out this weekend. But I’m curious if anyone has a great idea I hadn’t considered. Thanks for your help!

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