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Kitchen Reno: Overwhelmed By Color Options!

Eliza Christine
3 years ago

Hi folks!

I recently bought a 1920s cape style farmhouse. I’m midway into the total kitchen renovation and I’m having a heck of a time making aesthetic decisions (this is probably a universal crisis...?).
The cabinetry etc is all set, but I’m going crazy trying to pick colors when I’m not able to see the cabinets, light, shadow etc first (ie things that could make paint color go from bold to overwhelming and busy) in the actual space.

There are also too many designs I’ve found and I’m in love with on social media. I feel like choosing what I wanted to go with would be easier if things were more “tactile” and less digital. How does one narrow down these things? For example, I adore a kitchen with light lavender cabinets and a marigold colored range. But also am obsessed with a high contrast kitchen with blue-black bottom cabinets and cream upper cabinets. How does one decide?! I am all for bold and unique, so the typical “you’ll get sick of colors, so stick to neutrals” really doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I am also all conflicted about what to flaunt and highlight while making sure I don’t do this with everything and crowd the space. Aka do I go with the brass Hallman range, the dark Farrow and Ball paint, the colorful CLE zellige tile.... they are all gorgeous but probably not all at once!

Admittedly, this post may be more a vent out of desperation to keep my sanity, than asking for specific advice! However, I’m hoping people could share how they narrowed down their tastes/hopes & dreams, to one specific color scheme and set of design elements.

Thanks so much!

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