second reach in or walk-in closet

2 years ago

We recently bought an older home and the master suite has a fairly large bath (10.5x11.5 ft) but only one 10-ft reach-in closet. We’re not sure how long we’ll stay here (will be minimum 6 years, but could be 30), but I really want to make a second closet and to redo the bath regardless. I think both of the following options would satisfy our needs, but which would be more appealing if we do sell?

  • carve 2x10 ft out of the bath and 1x10 out of the bedroom to make a second (3x10) reach in closet. The bath would remain quite large with both tub and shower. Put built-Ins into both closets, for ~20 feet total of closet space

  • carve 1x5 out of bedroom 4x5 out of bathroom to make a 5x5 walk in closet. But this would leave only room for a shower, no tub, in the bath.

The 5x5 walk-in would give about 5 more feet of closet space total, but I like the idea of leaving the bath large and roomy. AndI’m worried people psychologically like the walk in closet even if the space isn’t that much more. As for losing the tub, I’m not sure. Our other upstairs bath has one. Thoughts??

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