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Honey Oak from Hell!!! I need help!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We have just purchased a 4k sq ft home that is COVERED in oak trim/floors/etc. Most of our furniture and decorations are cool blues and grays. I want to paint the entire great room/kitchen/entryway area, but I have no idea what color would work for the honey oak AND our decor. It needs some color! Also, it seems like consensus is to keep hard woods, but the trim and floor together is just too much - how can I correct this without updating everything? I feel overwhelmed thinking about painting ALL of the trim/windows/doorways white. I could though, if that's ultimately the best option. Also, I want to re-do the carpet runner up the stairs and carpet into the three bedrooms up there (we have 3 kids under 5) and I would need THAT to match as well. I realize that may not be the modern choice, but I'm picturing their feet on cozy carpet when they wake up in the mornings. I don't have the luxery of time for trial and error (reference 3 kids comment). Please please please help me!! I want all of your ideas!

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