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Will You Help Me Decorate My Home Piece by Piece?

Nathan Smith
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago


I recently purchased a home earlier this year that was renovated with a GREAT DEAL of help by fellow users that took the time to kindly offer me suggestions and advice throughout that months long process. Well, now that the house is finished, and I’m moved in, I’m ready to start furnishing/decorating my home. I don’t have much of anything, and as of now what I do have are hand me downs like my couch, bed, and dresser, so I will basically be starting from scratch, but I want my house to look nice, be inviting, and overall comfortable. Basically, I want it to look like someone who knew what they were doing decorated my place and it’s worthy of its Instagram account!

Anyway, that’s why I started this thread, to seek advice for this process, on the big and small choices.

Included here is a picture of my house, and a couple of pictures of the kitchen and den which is open to each other, so it’s not possible to furnish one without taking into consideration the other, I don’t think anyway.

My first question I have today is a small one, but I think it can be made to look great, I just don’t know how. I have ordered some throw pillows for my couch but I’d love to see some pillow covers I can buy that will look great! I’m not one that likes my stuff to “match” but I prefer things to compliment each other. I love different patterns and textures, but I’m terrible at knowing how to put them together in a cohesive way. Also, I love craftsman/mission and mid century modern (I know those don’t go together at all) and antique/vintage home furnishings and art.

Here are the pictures as promised of the exterior of the home, the kitchen/den area, and the couches my pillows will go on as well as a link to my original thread, if you’re so inclined to look through that to see the process I went through designing it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thank you in advance to anyone willing to take the time to help me with this process! I will be forever grateful!


The kitchen wasn’t finished yet, but I think you get the idea

A more recent picture of the kitchen from the den where the couch and loveseat currently reside

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