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Brand new Custom Kitchen cabinets chipping PLEASE HELP!

Steph Elizabeth
3 years ago

Our kitchen Reno has been a nightmare. Our cabinets were installed 12 weeks ago and the job still isn’t complete. We are waiting for missing drawer fronts that had to be refinished because of dents and flaws in them that couldn’t be touched up. Many pieces damaged in transport. Peeling veneer on fridge panel already repaired. My issue now is our island. The island looked almost flawless except for quite a few paint bubbles when installed two months ago. Originally, the cabinet maker accidentally had the island pieces painted white to match the rest of our cabinets. It was meant to be Navy. They repainted on top of this (sprayed in factory). Now two months in they are chipping and showing wear. You can see the white paint underneath. We have scarcely been home this summer and have not even really used the kitchen and already it’s chipping. Could this be from the extra paint? I don’t know if they primed under the navy but they certainly didn’t sand the doors down and start from scratch. The paint bubbles also show a spec of white underneath. Has me worried that wherever the bubbles are, it will wear off and be white after cleaning.