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Banister/rail color: match floor, trim or built-ins?

4 years ago

Finally wrapping up a nearly-complete rebuild (thanks to Hurricane Michael) and need some advice on the woodwork in the living area.

First pic is cabinets and built-in here will stay this color for now at least. Trim moulding will be painted white. Yellow walls going away. Floors on main level will be pecan in a natural finish (second photo is what floors are expected to look like, not yet received.) Stair treads will be solid pecan, white risers. Thinking white spindles for the banister.

What should we do about the loft rail and stair handrail? As you can see the loft from the living space, should the rails be stained to match the cabinets and built-in? Would that look strange on the stairs, to have the floor much lighter than the handrail? Paint everything white and be done with it?


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