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We only had swatches to choose from and I hate how they look together

Dana S
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We are building our house, and aside from some 1” x 1” square swatches and other houses in the neighborhood - we had no idea how these colors would come together. It’s supposed to be dark green siding, tan faux cedar planks, and dark brown shutters...and we just drove up and I hate it. The green looks like a dark grey, hardly geeen at all. The shudders look black, not brown, and the tan looks off since the green hue doesn’t really show through in the daylight. Oh, and the stone came out way more reddish than the little cardboard-backed sample. I’m super upset and don’t know what to do now. I mean, I’m still super excited to have a new home and I hate sounding like I don't appreciate the fact that we have this home, but I don’t like it :( Can I paint the plastic shutters or faux cedar planks to tie the colors together better? Help!

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