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Need serious help for kitchen and living room remodel

4 years ago

We are completely remodeling our kitchen and living room area and really need help. I'm completely overwhelmed with decisions. I was silly to design the kitchen with our cabinet maker and am now second guessing everything. I should have gone to a pro sooner - but my husband doesn't think it is necessary (although my indecisiveness is working on him so maybe he'll change his mind. He idea is that "anything will be better than what we have now". So looking for help here. Everything for this remodel will be new - new flooring, furniture, lighting ect . . .

I'm attaching pics of our current layout, and where we stand with our current design. Right now, we have a tiny kitchen and dining space. We are removing a wall that goes to a sunroom, as well as removing a gas fireplace that eats up almost 3 feet of space between the kitchen and living room. We are taking the large picture window in the living room and making it into a sliding door that will go out onto a patio.

Here are the details of what I am trying to accomplish:

Our kitchen is currently very closed from the living room. I like that. I do not want open concept. I wouldn't mind it slightly more open; however, I don't want to see the messiest part of the kitchen from the living room. I would like it open to the dining room. Seating for 2-3 at a peninsula or island is strongly desired. I would also like to use the peninsula as a space to have the kids involved in the prep process of cooking. We have a large family and kids often have their sport teams over for gathering. As much countertop as possible for serving food ect. . at gatherings.

I need a desk with storage somewhere in our main living/dining space. This is an area I pay bills, kids use the computer for homework, and I organize schedules/paperwork (6 kids in school, 1 at home - lots of paperwork!)

Just for more info -- we run a business from our home - so the stairs off to the right lead down to the business, and up to the bedrooms. We do have another very large space that we use as a rec room, with a small kitchenette. (This is where we plan to "live" during the remodel) Also, we do consider this is our "forever" home.

Here are pictures of the current layout of the area (from the for sale listing - even though we've been here 6 years!)


Living Room with our tiny dining area

We plan to make this into a Sliding Patio door with sidelights. This faces the backyard.

Stairway that leads down to the business, up to the bedrooms. Ceilings are Cathedral and peak at approx 124" from the left. To the right is our current entry in from the sunroom.

This is the entry from the sunroom. (Wall where the piano is will be removed). Closet is staying.

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